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Creating the System Connector Record

After adding the files to the Addins folder, you can create the System Connector to that particular Magento web store.

Navigate to Setup → System Connectors.

First create a unique internal Id to identify the system connector. From the System Type drop down menu, select Magento Connector. Enter a description for this particular connector. Provide the connection string to your Magento site. A default string can be seen in the screen-shot and in the fields table below. Enter the Magento API user name and password. Company Id may be left blank.

See below for a full list of descriptions for each field.



System ID

The internal Id of system connector.

System Type

Set to “Magento Connector”


A description of the connection.

Connection String

[Magento Install] /index.php/api/xmlrpc     May vary.


Magento API User Name

Password & Confirm

Magento API Password (API Key)


Not used.