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Sage / Magento Integration Suites

Our Sage/Magento Integration Suites are ready-made solutions that provide the full set of packaged software that you need to help your systems work together.

We also include a secret ingredient with our packaged Suites: Expertise. We bake-in the support you will need to complete an integration project.

EC Internet has 15 years experience integrating Sage ERP to web stores. EC Internet is fully certified in Sage ERP and Magento Commerce. EC Internet is also the North American Distributor for IMan, the integration manager from Realisable Software.

Sage 300 ERP to Magento Integrations

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Products 1 to 2 of 2 total
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Sage ERP X3 to Magento Integrations

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Products 1 to 2 of 2 total
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Sage / Magento Extensions

EC Internet Magento Extensions provide the tools you need for seamless integration to Sage 300 ERP and Sage X3 ERP. The Magento Extensions make sure that the size and type of data you gather in the Magento web store can be accepted by the Sage ERP accounting system.

We also offer RAPID Web Sync™ for lightning-fast continuous integration of large inventory and customer data sets. RAPID Web Sync performs up to 10 times faster than standard Magento syncs. We have created Magento Extensions that bring essential business-to-business features to your web store. Now you can offer customer contract pricing, inventory availability and ordering from multiple locations.

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Products 1 to 4 of 4 total
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WebProPack Stores

Web Pro Pack™ is a source code ASP.Net Business-to-Business selling system for ERP users with Microsoft SQL/DBF business systems. Simply put, there is no more sophisticated and comprehensive on-line selling solution for SQL/DBF.

Web Pro Pack™ works with Sage Pro ERP, TIW Alear, and AccountMate. We support MS SQL and MS DBF editions.

Sales Fliers:

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Products 1 to 3 of 3 total
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Source Code
Host at Any Data Center
Web Site Templates
Mobile Phone Responsive Design – iPhone & Android
Tablet Responsive Design – iPad & Android
Product Catalog
Credit Card Processing
Product Category Navigation
Sale Pricing and Featured Item Display
Sales Tax
Shipping Charges
Shopping cart
Web-based Item Maintenance
Web-based Site Settings
Customer Portal – View History, Update Account
Multiple Stores (3 for one business entity)
Ship-to Address System
Multiple Logins Per Customer Account
Color, Size, and Style Module
Coupons and Promotions Module
Inventory Availability Display
Sage Pro, Alere, AccountMate Pricing System
Search Engine Optimization System
Bid to Order Conversion
Multiple Stores (unlimited for one business entity)
Bill of Material System & Work Order Creation
Sales Lead Prospecting
National Accounts Ordering
Kit Module
Copy Previous Order
Request, Create, Send, and Approve Quotes
Sales Representative Ordering
Report Writer

IMan Connectors

Data Integration Made Simple™

IMan is a purpose built middle-ware platform for Sage products placing the integration expert at the forefront of the design experience. Our rapid, intuitive, code-free designer simplifies integration reducing cost & time-frames. As experts, Realisable understands how to help businesses using Sage make their business more efficient.


IMan makes data exchange between your eCommerce solution and your back-end CRM, Accounting or ERP solution straight forward by providing a highly flexible, cost-effective & quickly deployed integration platform. With a successful track record IMan has integrated a large number of eCommerce platforms including Magento, BigCommerce, Spree & OpenCart with various Sage products.

Distribution & Logistics
Integrating logistics and distribution systems with your ERP or Accounting product can be a major challenge for any organisation. IMan’s tight integration with Sage’s applications, robust & service based architecture allows transactions to be exchanged rapidly and accurately; all code-free without development. IMan has successfully integrated a number of distribution products and 3PL’s including UPS.

Priced to Fit

IMan is priced so you can buy just the amount of integration power that you need. You can start with a single integration. A single integration will process unlimited records from a single source. That single source could be orders from a web site, and it can feed information to order tables, shipping tables, and customer tables.

You can upgrade to the Unlimited Edition so that you can manage hundreds and hundreds of data sources to capture and automatically process any information flow that will boost your business.

IMan is also modular, so you can add connectors as your systems grow.

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Products 1 to 6 of 6 total
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