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Common Configurations

Below is a list of common configurations made with IMan and the Magento Connector with RAPID Web Sync.

  • Local Sage, Remote Magento
  • The standard “Business server” setup. IMan and Sage existing on a single server, with Magento on its own server. This allows you to keep your business records secure under a firewall, and maintain a public store at the same time.
  • Local Sage, Local Magento
  • All-local setup. IMan, Sage, and Magento all residing on the same server. These setups are exclusive to Windows hosts.
  • Remote Sage, Remote Magento
  • Allows for IMan to be installed on its own server. Sage and Magento can be on the same or different servers under this configuration, allowing for increased flexibility and security.

In all 3 above scenarios, only minor configuration changes in IMan are needed. A local connection uses the same resources and applications as a remote connection.