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Order Download Settings

The Order Download takes advantage of IMan’s Options which allow you to set parameters on the script which talks to the Magento API and pulls down the orders.

Export Entity

The export entity must be set to Order for these options to take effect.

Order Status

Limit the orders downloaded to those with a certain Order Status.

Common values: “Pending”, “Processing”.

Defaults to “Pending” which is the default Magento status for a new order.

Number of Records to Pull

Set a limit of the amount of records to download at once.

Defaults to pulling all records.

Starting Increment_Id Number

Set the initial Magento Order Number to start downloading orders.  Orders will only be downloaded if they have an order number equal to, or greater than this value.

Defaults to “1” if empty, or if store_id list is empty.

Comma-Separated Custom Header Field List

Put any custom fields here which will be on the header.

Comma-Separated Custom Detail Field List

Put any custom fields here which will be on the item (detail).

Comma-Separated Store_Id List

Put a list of any stores to pull orders from.

Defaults to all stores if empty.