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Shipment - Update / Create Shipments

Allows the user to both update existing Shipments, as well as create new Shipments for existing orders.



Shipment Number

Magento Shipment Number.

When attempting to Update, this field will be the key.

When attempting Insert, field will be written back to with new Shipment Number.

Magento Order ID

Magento Order Number.

Field is necessary for Insert, but not for Update.

When attempting Insert, we will attempt to create a new Shipment for this order.


New Shipment Comment

Not necessary for Updates or Inserts

If set, Comment will be added to the Shipment.


Tracking Information “Carrier”.

Sets “Carrier” on new Tracking information record.

Values can be obtained from inspecting “Carrier” dropdown (use the <option>’s value attribute, eg: dhl, fedex, ups):


Tracking Information “Title”.

Sets “Title” on new Tracking Information record.

Tracking Number

Tracking Information “Tracking Number”.

Sets “Number” on new Tracking Information record.


Update / Insert

Write-back Fields

Shipment Number (on Insert)

Completed Shipment Tracking Information Record: