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Credit Memos - Download from Magento

Allows the user to download Credit Note data for all Credit Notes in their Magento webstore.

Supported Types

Credit Memos – Credit Memo data

Credit Memo Items – Credit Memo Line Item data

Credit Memo Comments – Credit Memo Comment records

Common Fields

Credit Memos

Credit Memo Items

Credit Memo Comments

Notes (May)

There are a few fields on the Credit Memo header which seem redundant:

  • order_id and order_increment_id
  • creditmemo_id and incredment_id


order_id and creditmemo_id can be thought of as the ‘shorthand’ value for the ‘full’ value of order_increment_id and increment_id respectively.


order_id = 1 & order_increment_id = 100000001

Creditmemo_id = 2 & increment_id = 100000002


In both cases the “increment_id” values include the store id (1 in this case) followed by 0’s, and then finally the order_id / creditmemo_id value.